The Mountain Getaway Specialists

The Mountain Getaway Specialists

For over 20 twenty years, Jeff Camp’s High Country Team has been known as one of the leading authorities on north-central Utah’s premier mountain getaway properties. In fact, they have sold more rural property than just about any other Park City area brokerage.

If you’re interested in your getaway, give the High Country Team a call.

Jeff Camp


Gene Morrello was outstanding. Throughout the process, I would text him an address I found in Zillow, and he would respond immediately with a quick synopsis. This was impressive as I know he had no time to look it up. But what truly brought this to the level of amazement, was that whilst skiing I would oft meet other realtors, and in the ensueing convo, would mention some addresses. Most of the responses were, “where is that?” Gene knew where it was, what it was, what it wasn’t, and…